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San Diego’s newest Italian restaurant in Little Italy that showcases the finest Italian and American culinary influences.

Newest Italian Restaurant in Little Italy

THE HEIGHTS ITALIAN CHOPHOUSE threads tales of artisanal flavors, with whispers of Parmigiano, enticing aromas of tomahawk steak, and the delicate touch of scallops and seabass. In the heart of Little Italy, San Diego, the culinary philosophy of Executive Chef, Enrico De Santis, stands tall and proud.

Mirroring the grandeur that envelopes Little Italy, The Heights binds together the extravagance of an upscale chophouse with the heartwarming familiarity of Italian cuisine. Our menu sails from the classic Parmigiano cheesewheel to the delectable lump crab cake, each offering an authentic journey through Italy’s rich culinary tapestry. The tomahawk steak, a centerpiece, speaks of traditions, grilled to perfection and served as an ode to chophouse grandeur. Dive deep with the seabass or explore the coastline with our scallops, each dish a story, each bite an experience.

Setting New Heights for Italian Chophouses


Our wines, carefully chosen, embrace and elevate the flavors from our kitchen. With a strong representation from Italy’s renowned regions, the wine list is a romantic conversation between the steak, seafood, and the rolling vineyards of Italy. Each glass promises an Italian serenade, ensuring a dining experience that’s both luxurious and intimate.

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THE HEIGHTS’ PRIVATE EVENTS encapsulate the grandeur of moments meant to be treasured. Our space, designed with an astute attention to detail, radiates a charm that’s both refined and regal. Against the backdrop of our exquisite interiors, every celebration transforms into an event of sheer elegance. Trust The Heights to elevate your occasions, as we infuse the magnificence of a premier Italian chophouse into every gathering, making each one singularly special.